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New BA

Bethlehem University has announced the accreditation of its new bachelor’s program in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission of the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Dr. Michel Hanania, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Technology, and Engineering, said that this program is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program integrating principles of chemistry, pharmacology, and industrial processes. The program provides comprehensive education in the fundamentals of theoretical chemistry, alongside intensive practical training in chemistry laboratories and industrial companies to ensure that graduates are well-versed in both theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

The program covers essential topics in pharmaceutical sciences such as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, and medical pharmacology. Additionally, the curriculum includes courses in industrial chemical technology, environmental chemistry, organic materials technology, polymer technology, food and water analysis, soil analysis, and material toxicity. The program also includes practical training in chemical and pharmaceutical industries or in relevant centers and laboratories.

The program also focuses on developing graduates’ personal skills such as personal development, leadership, communication, and entrepreneurship, aiming to produce high-quality and competitive graduates for the job market.

Dr. Hanania added that upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to define current chemical and scientific theories across various branches of chemistry. Graduates will also be able to describe and explain the relationship between structure and physical properties and their effect on drug activity and understand the central role of chemistry in society and the safe handling of chemicals.

The program has been developed to be more specialized, providing graduates with job opportunities in various fields within the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biomedical, and chemical sectors. With 90 hours of practical training included, it facilitates graduates’ integration into the job market or further graduate studies.

Job opportunities include fields such as manufacturing and marketing in chemical companies, food manufacturing companies, plastic and coating production companies, as well as working in the production of personal care, baby care, and household items.

Graduates of this program can also work in petroleum industry companies, forensic laboratories, and environmental laboratories (both private and governmental), in addition to securing positions in education and quality control inspection in local factories, as well as employment in relevant ministries and government departments.

Graduates can also engage in applied and developmental research and pursue higher education, such as master’s and doctoral degrees.

Dr. Iman Saca, Vice President for Academic Affairs, said that the university intends to offer this program for enrollment in the upcoming fall semester of 2024, as part of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Technology, and Engineering’s programs. She added that the university will also offer a Technology for Sustainable Environmental program, which was previously accredited, as part of Bethlehem University’s academic curriculum development plan to keep pace with the job market and societal needs.