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Giving Opportunities

How You Can Support Bethlehem University

Bethlehem University Annual Fund

As an unrestricted fund, the Bethlehem University Annual Fund provides essential support for Bethlehem University’s critical needs, including student financial assistance, program expansion, equipment, and other needs to support student success.

Endowed Scholarships and Funds

Donors wanting to provide a sustaining and lasting future for Bethlehem University can do so by establishing an Endowed Fund or Scholarship at the Bethlehem University Foundation. The Foundation invests your gift in the United States and uses the interest earned to provide annual financial support for the endowed purpose.

Create an Endowed Scholarship with the Bethlehem University Foundation

Creating an Endowed Scholarship at the Bethlehem University Foundation is a perpetual gift that each year covers the tuition of a student in need at Bethlehem University. An Endowed Scholarship, named after an organization or in honor/memory of an individual, is a “forever scholarship,” allowing Bethlehem University Foundation to invest your gift and send the annual income to Bethlehem University.

A full list of Endowed Scholarships and Funds can be found here.

Scholarship recipients are selected by Bethlehem University based on need and academic merit. With a gift of $30,000, you can establish an Endowed Scholarship. An Endowed Scholarship is fully funded at $100,000 and will cover the full costs associated with educating a student at Bethlehem University each year. With an initial payment of at least $30,000 accompanied by a signed Pledge Agreement, an Endowed Scholarship will be established by the Foundation. Many of the Endowed Scholarships are created by individuals or organizations pooling their donations. Endowed Scholarship payments can be completed over a period of five years.

View Endowed Scholarship Pledge Agreement

Create an Endowed Fund with the Bethlehem University Foundation

Endowed Funds have been established to underwrite specific Faculties (Schools) or programs at the University, to provide general support to the University, to fund educational development, to underwrite programs at the Foundation, or other uses as specified by the donor. Endowed Funds are managed by the Board of Directors of the Foundation and are invested with T. Rowe Price. With an initial gift of $30,000 and a pledge of at least $100,000 payable over 5 years, you can establish an Endowed Fund at the Bethlehem University Foundation. Please note that many Endowed Funds are created by individuals or organizations pooling donations.

If you would like to partner with BUF and establish an endowed scholarship or fund, please contact James Howell, [[email protected]] for additional information.

View Endowed Fund Pledge Agreement

Create an Annual Scholarship

An Annual Scholarship provides one student with the gift of education. Annual Scholarships are $4,000 per year, for four years. By committing to the four-year education of one student, you will be able to follow your student’s progress and learn a little bit about their life and dreams.

View Annual Scholarship Pledge Form

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