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Host or Attend an Event

Bethlehem University relies on the generosity of friends and supporters around the globe to ensure education can continue for young people in Palestine. If you or your group is interested in hosting an event to benefit Bethlehem University Foundation, please contact Kathy Carver ([email protected]), Director of Development, to discuss event opportunities.

Become a Patron

The Patrons Endowed Fund ensures a sustainable future for Bethlehem University and the Bethlehem University Foundation. A gift to the Patrons Endowed Fund is a “forever gift” that allows the Foundation to grow the endowment to better fulfill its mission of supporting Bethlehem University. By providing a secure footing from which Bethlehem University Foundation can act in confidence with an eye to the future, the Patrons empower the Foundation to operate for the long-term with both prudence and optimism.

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Request a Speaker

Bethlehem University is truly a beacon of hope and an oasis of peace in one of the most complex, historically, culturally, and religiously significant spots on the globe. BUF experts can provide insight into life in Bethlehem and the role the university plays in establishing hope, peace, and highly educated leaders for Palestinian society. To learn more about having Bethlehem University Foundation present to your group or event, please contact James Howell ([email protected]), Executive Director BUFUSA.

Become a Partner

As an academic institution providing high quality education for future local, regional, and global leaders, Bethlehem University values innovative partnerships with other academic and research institutions, corporations, religious groups, civic organizations, and people of goodwill. If you represent an entity interested in learning more about partnership, please contact James Howell ([email protected]), Executive Director BUFUSA.

Visit Bethlehem

The Holy Land and Bethlehem University have a strong tradition of receiving visitors from across the globe. From the Church of the Nativity to Shepherd’s Field to the University’s Campus, pilgrims are graciously welcomed.

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