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Student Spotlight: Hanna Stephan

February 2021 – 

This month’s student spotlight is Hanna Stephan. Hanna is a second year student at Bethlehem University studying Physics. Learn more about him below:

Hanna’s Experience at Bethlehem University:
“Ever since I entered the gates of Bethlehem University, I was swamped with the amount of opportunity its society had to offer. My experience at Bethlehem University is showing me that there is no boundary to what I can achieve and is preparing me to move forward in my field of study. Not only on the academic level, but also socially, the community of BU is continuously helping me to develop my identity and strengthen my personality.”

On campus, Hanna is a student ambassador and values the position tremendously. During his time as a student ambassador he has developed strong personality and leadership skills.

In his free time Hanna is part of many community clubs and is currently working with a theater group where he performs in shows. Hanna also likes to read, write, and spend time with his friends.