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Student Spotlight: Rand Fararjeh

March 2021 – 

This month’s student spotlight is Rand Fararjeh. Rand is studying English Language and Literature at Bethlehem University and will graduate in 2023. Learn more about her below:

Rand’s Experience at Bethlehem University:
“If I would describe my experience at Bethlehem University in one word, it would be growth. Bethlehem University is a place where once you get in and then get out you realize that you’re not the same person anymore. It’s definitely a very welcoming place, from my first day until now I have never felt like a stranger. In general, my experience thus far has been great, however it’s still a perfect blend of joy and hardships which is very normal for a university student. I think the best part about this experience is getting to try out things that are perhaps out of my comfort zone, which has made me realize the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity that I come across without hesitation, because sometimes it can be life-changing. Thankfully, through the university’s endless opportunities such as the Student Ambassador Program I am not only able to do that, but I’ve also realized the importance of spreading awareness on the conditions and hard circumstances that we’re living in as Palestinians. So building bridges and staying connected to the world through this program is definitely a great way to make that happen.”

In her free time, Rand enjoys watching documentaries, reading and writing poetry, and volunteering at a local cultural institution on the weekends. She is passionate about helping others and likes being an active member of her community. A fun fact about Rand is that she loves food, but is a horrible cook!