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Student Spotlight: Mahmoud Najajreh

April 2021 – 

This month’s student spotlight is Mahmoud Najajreh. Mahmoud is a first year student majoring in Software Engineering. Learn more about him below:

Mahmoud’s Experience at Bethlehem University:
“As a first year student, it has been a great experience so far. I have always heard that the first year is the most fun and wonderful year of college. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience that yet, but I hope we can go back and experience true college life soon after everyone is vaccinated. Other than that, our university has an outstanding reputation; we have great doctors who are supportive and open-minded to students’ ideas and thoughts. At school, I couldn’t share my ideas but at Bethlehem University, I can freely express my ideas. Also, majoring in software engineering has contributed to my experience at BU by developing my communication skills and personality. Despite the challenges of having an online education, which I was able to overcome, I’ve met wonderful people and made long-lasting friends.”
In his free time, Mahmoud likes hanging out with his friends, listening to music, playing video games, photography, drawing, and playing sports (specifically football and basketball). Before the pandemic, he was part of a book club that gathered to discuss science fiction and political books.

A fun fact about Mahmoud is that he is only a few movies away from breaking the world record for the most watched English movies!