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Spotlight: George Felton

November 2021 – 

This month’s board member spotlight is George Felton. George is the Director of College Player Personnel for the San Antonio Spurs and board director for the Bethlehem University Foundation. Learn more about him below:

Why George Supports Bethlehem University:
“I believe I am doing the will of our good Lord. I believe in educating our youth all over the world to have hope that their futures will be promising through a quality education. I hope and pray for peace in the Holy Land because peace lights our way forward to a better future for all people of every faith, country, and community. It is our task to provide that “light” and hopefully that a student graduate of Bethlehem University may provide the wisdom for peace in the Middle East one day.”

I have spent 25 years in college coaching! I’m currently a scout for the San Antonio Spurs (this is my 16th year). I have also been a part of two NBA Championships (2007 & 2013). Before that, I was with the Indiana Pacers for 6 years. In 1998, I was part of the University of Kentucky NCAA Team that won the National Championship. I have worked with the youth of the world all my life and I believe they are our future and the “bright stars” that will bring about change, opportunities, hope and peace in our world.

Fun Fact:
I collect Lionel trains and through my travels have collected different villages, houses, churches etc…from all over the world for my train outlay. The trains are used to help young children realize our faith is the start, (the engine train) and the other cars are filled with many other people (of all walks of life) that have many stops along the way to meet our life challenges and the last stop on our journey is the goal of eternal life, (the Caboose train) God’s heavenly kingdom.