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In Memoriam: Long-serving Member of the BU International Board of Regents

Professor Count Agostino Borromeo

Dear Bethlehem University Community,

It was with great sadness that the death of Agostino Boromeo was announced on February 4, 2024. Agostino was, above all, a cultured gentleman who served The Church with dignity, integrity and dedication. He served with high office – and he served the poor.  

He was former Governor General of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, and later was Lieutenant General. These were positions he held with pride and with conviction that the Order would serve the needs of The Holy Land.  He was also a member of the International Board of Regents of Bethlehem University and he served the university with the knowledge that it was how Palestinians and others would gain peace through their education.  

Agostino was an academic of considerable international reputation especially in fields such as Papal History and his work with the Spanish Inquisition. He was a dedicated researcher and constantly encouraged other academics to develop their research activities. There was no better model than Agostino.    

As a family man Agostino was well-supported by his wife Beatrice, and they have 3 children to whom he was devoted. He spoke frequently of his happiness with them. He played the organ and enjoyed church music.   

Recognised as a person to get things done Agostino was asked by The Vatican to take on some very challenging tasks. Some of these were dealing with the demands of The Holy Land.  An example in recent times was the leadership of the St John the Baptist Foundation. His friendship with His Beatitude Cardinal Pizzaballa gave him an understanding of the practical issues of the Church in The Holy Land. He was a frequent visitor to Jerusalem although in more recent years his mobility prevented the frequency he would have wished.  

Agostino was a man of wisdom, of kindness and of humility. He carried his learning and his understanding of people with a lightness and a gentleness that characterised his regal bearing.  

For all of us who benefitted from knowing him he will be sad loss.  As the portals of Heaven welcome him, he will be an asset to Heaven itself.  May his Father now welcome him with warmth and kindness knowing that he is now at home. 

May he rest in peace.  


Bart McGettrick 

Chairman of the Board of Regents of Bethlehem University