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Leaving Pamplona

Greetings as I leave Pamplona to begin my walk to Santiago, some 730 km! I am deeply grateful to the many people who have already offered to support the project. I will certainly do my part in stepping out the distance!

I arrived in Pamplona on Monday and had the chance to look around the place. It is a beautiful city with many historical buildings and places as well as some wonderful parks that are so well looked after. I found it fascinating. In honor of my Jesuit friends and supporters, I took the opportunity to visit the sculpture of Saint Ignatius, on the spot where a cannon ball shattered one of his legs during the Battle of Pamplona in 1521. It was during his recovery from that injury that he read the lives of Jesus and the saints. This changed his life and led him to found the Jesuits, who have been such a driving force in the Church and the world. I have attached a photograph of the sculpture. I happen to be wearing a Lasallian jacket!

I begin the walk this morning and I am looking forward to what might unfold through meeting people and what events might emerge. Please pray that I will be open and willing to learn from what I might encounter.

Best wishes and thanks.

Brother Peter

To stand in solidarity with Bethlehem University students, as Brother Peter is doing via the Camino, please click here to support.