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2024 Spring Appeal for BU Students

Walk in Faith with Our Students

The Palestinian people continue to suffer from unmitigated violence, inadequate shelter, food insecurity, and insufficient medical care. The impact of the war reaches beyond Gaza, and touches Bethlehem, the University, and the entire West Bank as well. Many students and their families have lost family members and friends from Gaza. The ever-present IDF patrols, tear gas, and check points add to the sense of helplessness and vulnerability of the Bethlehem University community.

The economic impact of the violent conflict is becoming apparent with at least
300 students now unable to pay tuition this Spring,
creating a $1M+ funding gap.

Will you help our students overcome despair, remain steadfast in their pursuit of education, and pursue a path of peace?


Your support will help drive the change needed to
assure human dignity,
build resilience,
and provide opportunity
for Palestinian students and their families.


Together, let us Walk in Faith (2 Cor. 5:6-8) with our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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