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Bethlehem University Updates

The Bethlehem University community continues to struggle through these last few months. Students are remote as travel to campus remains impossible with checkpoint closures. Bethlehem University, through the Guidance Offices, is offering students online spaces to process and grieve.

With the rising instability in the West Bank, many families have expressed that they can no longer afford spring tuition.

Students are struggling: one student spoke about how he left all of his books in his locker on campus and is unable to reach them. The community of Bethlehem University is heartbroken over the killing of fellow student Khaled al Muhtaseb. Khaled was a third-year hospitality and tourism major.

Students are facing additional scrutiny and potential administrative detention for what they share or interact with on social media. Administrative detention is where a person, no matter their age, is taken without charge and held indefinitely. So far five Bethlehem University students have been taken and it is not known when or if they will be released.

Additionally, Bethlehem University has lost track of hundreds of alumni in Gaza.

This Giving Tuesday, we were able to raise the necessary funds to purchase critical hybrid learning equipment. Students and faculty will now have access to  better online education tools while remaining safe in their homes.

“Despite these hardships we face, we refuse to succumb to despair,” says a student. “For us at Bethlehem University, it’s through education that we nurture our resilience. We all come together so we can pave the way towards a future where we live with dignity, justice, and freedom.”