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Bethlehem University Alum from Gaza

I am a graduate of Bethlehem University, originally from Gaza and belonging to the Palestinian Christian community. Like many others, I now reside outside Gaza, while my immediate family, along with aunts, uncles, and cousins, still endure the challenging circumstances within the region. Since October 7th, our lives have been profoundly affected by the ongoing war on Gaza, leaving us grappling with emotions deeper than fear and sadness.

The devastation unleashed upon Gaza surpasses any in its modern history, with images of bombed houses, streets, hospitals, and schools invoking a profound anger within us. Gaza, our hometown, where we were born, raised, attended schools, and cherished memories, is undergoing relentless turmoil. We experience sleepless nights, fervently praying for our family’s safety amidst the continuous bombings.

Communication has become a formidable challenge, with severed internet, electricity, phone lines, and cell signals, turning Gaza into an unreachable island. Desperation compels us to repeatedly attempt contact, fearing the moment when our calls go unanswered, potentially signaling a tragic outcome.

Our lives have been disrupted, rendering normalcy unattainable. It feels inappropriate to carry on with daily activities when our families in Gaza struggle for necessities. Constantly glued to screens, we yearn for positive news, a ceasefire to halt the ongoing crisis. Frustration builds within us as our pleas seem unheard, our hearts ache, and our tears go unnoticed.

The plight of our elderly relatives, displaced from their homes due to evacuation orders, adds another layer of distress. Uncertainty looms over the fate of their homes, and the limited availability of essential supplies intensifies our feelings of helplessness. Despite their lifelong contributions to our well-being, our hands are tied, leaving us with nothing but prayers.

Recent events, such as the bombing of one of Gaza’s oldest churches, serving as a refuge for family members, resulted in the tragic loss of 18 lives, predominantly children. Personal acquaintances have succumbed to circumstances preventable with timely medical intervention, emphasizing the dire conditions faced by Gazans. The tragic death of an elderly cousin, shot by Israeli snipers and left unattended in the streets, epitomizes the indiscriminate brutality endured by Gaza’s population.

As winter sets in, the absence of proper shelter, adequate food, and warm clothing for those displaced exacerbates our concerns. The harsh reality is that Gaza’s severe injuries are overlooked, and humanitarian rights are stripped away from its people, both living and deceased.

In the midst of these trying times, our efforts to connect with sources providing news from Gaza yield some relief as we hear the voices of others who have survived. We implore for our voices to be heard, advocating for a fair and improved situation for the Palestinian people in Gaza. Despite the hardships, we hold onto the hope that a light will emerge at the end of this dark tunnel, alleviating the suffering of those who have lost homes, possessions, and loved ones. May the God of heaven intervene and spare our beloved Gaza from further destruction. Thank you.

The writer of this posts wishes to remain anonymous. Pictured below was their family home in Gaza.